Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs and Maintenance

for Hunter Valley

If you’re in need of any hydraulic cylinder repair and maintenance services in Hunter Valley, then look no further than Drayton Engineering! Our team can handle all tasks from resealing and comprehensive cylinder repairs to large-scale manufacturing for custom orders.

We do more than just restore cylinders. We build them too so that your cycle is always running smoothly at its peak performance possible.

Through our in-house failure analysis and reporting, we specialise in identifying intrinsic design flaws that can lead to premature wear on hydraulic equipment. We also implement modifications so you get longer service life out of your implements.


Our Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Services for Hunter Valley

The hydraulic cylinder is a device that uses pressure and force to produce motion, which can lead it to experience problems with its seal. If they collide against other objects or experience deterioration over time, then you may find yourself needing help.

Here at Drayton Engineering we’re proud to fix all of these issues so your machine will be back performing at peak performance again soon.


Complete hydraulic cylinder rebuild

We understand that your cylinder is a tough, working machine. It handles harsh conditions and needs to be cleaned before you take it apart so that any dirt or residue left behind will not compromise its internal components during reassembly time.

Should your hydraulic cylinder stop working properly, call the experts at Drayton Engineering. We can repair it or fabricate a replacement one so you resume work in Huntery Valley as soon as possible!


Hydraulic cylinder machining

You can rely on us to maintain and repair all your machine parts in Hunter Valley according the requirements. Whether you need customised manufactured or simply service work done, we’ve got it covered at competitive prices.


Hydraulic cylinder honing

Our high precision hydraulic cylinder barrel honing services in Hunter Valley ensure that our finished surfaces are within seal manufacturer specifications. The extensive range of dimensional and surface measuring equipment allows us to produce a perfect result every time. This guarantees consistency over the full length of each barrel during processing.


Hydraulic cylinder reseal, and supply

Hydraulic cylinder seals are integral to the operation of a hydraulic system. These prevent any escaping pressure from building up inside, which could damage other components in your machinery and make it stop working altogether if not fixed immediately.

It is important for your these seals to be unbroken for it to work smoothly, but even when they’re not broken their effectiveness is greatly impaired if there’s any damage or wear on them at all – which means you could have an equipment failure before long.

Here at Drayton Engineering, we’ve got comprehensive repair techniques that can take care of both of these problems. This ensures your machinery in Hunter Valley operates as efficiently and productively daily.


Hydraulic cylinder welding

Our fully equipped welding shop is set up to deal with all types of steel and cast iron.

Our welding capabilities are internal bore welding, rotator welding, cast iron head weld repairs, crack repairs, transport frame fabrication, tig welding and mig welding.


Supply of replacement parts

If you need replacement parts for your hydraulic cylinders, our team is happy to help as well. Give us a call and we’ll find what YOU are looking for!


What we have to say

With a fully equipped cylinder shop and in-house machine, we can provide quick service for all of the high quality work you need done. Our skilled technicians not only identify problems but offer cost effective solutions too.

Let’s talk.

Why choose our

Mining Repairs Services in QLD

We understand the high demand for rugged and durable hydraulic cylinders for the mining industry. Thus we ensure that every cylinder we repair and replace can stand up to the heavy-duty demands of the mining and rock crushing processes.


We work hard

We work hard to deliver tight tolerances on all of our outputs. This results in longer lasting and more reliable hydraulic cylinders for your business needs.

Deliver more than hydraulic cylinder repairs

As needed, we can also provide replacement seals to help restore the cylinders according to the OEM’s unique specifications. This seals out the dirt, rock debris and sand that accumulate during the rock crushing and mining processes.

Qualified and skilled Fitter Machinists

We have skilled technicians that have long years of experience in the mining industry. We also have the right equipment to make these repairs faster.

Our Simple Mining Repairs Process

Upon receipt of your request, our team of expert performs the following to properly quote your repair request:

  • Conduct a full assessment of your equipment
  • Decide the best possible course of actions
  • Assess how many parts can be repaired
  • Evaluate which is more cost effective, to repair or to replace

In the end, the decision to fix or to replace is left in your hands.

Call us on 07 4638 4445 if you need hydraulic cylinder and mining repairs in Hunter Valley, Blackwater, Dalby, Emerald, Goondiwindi, Mackay, Moree, Rockhampton, Roma, Toowoomba, Wandoan and Warwick.

Mining Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Central QLD FAQs

You may have some questions about hydraulic cylinder repairs in the mining industry. We have selected some and posted our answers to it. Read on.

We have a very old cylinder and don’t think that the parts are still available. Can you still help?

Yes! We have a workshop that can customise and manufacture cylinders from scratch. Let us assess the situation of your equipment to recommend the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

Is it better if we just replace the broken hydraulic cylinder?

For large and complex pieces of equipment, like those used in the mining industry, repair of the hydraulic cylinder is more cost efficient. However, there can be some exceptions.

Let us help you decide. Send us a message so we can give you a quote for repair and replacement. In this manner, you have all the details to make your decision.

We haven’t been replacing the oil of our hydraulic cylinders for some time now, could that be the cause of the problem?

Unclean oil is one of the major reasons for the breakdown of a hydraulic cylinder. This causes seal abrasions, which often leads to system failure and breakdown. If you don’t have a filtration unit for your equipment, we highly recommend you have one installed to avoid frequent breakdown of your equipment.

Got more questions?

Call us at 07 4638 4445. We are happy to answer your hydraulic cylinder and mining repairs in QLD.